the Banana Chips! *recipe*

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Today was THE day to chip up some bananas. I purchased a massive bag at half price (due to ripeness factors), so I got to work right away preserving my haul. Banana chips are quite simple to make. You thinly slice your little friends, then put them in a dehydrator, then turn the dehydrator on, then walk away for 8 hours. At the end you are rewarded with a stash of delicious chip friends. You are now free to cannibalize your friends at will, or store them in a glass jar and visit later on. You could also use up ripe bananas by freezing them (peel them first!) then food processing them into “banana ice cream”. But lets leave that recipe for another day. Today is banana chip day, and here is how it looks:









the Raspberry Resurrection – Part 2

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The pictures below were taken today, (May 27th) three weeks after the previous series of photos. The grass has taken off and the raspberry canes are shooting out plenty of leaves. A few small flower buds are beginning to develop, so an early summer harvest looks quite possible. I have started to stake the most productive patches and removal of grass and weeds has begun. I will be using a “chop and drop” approach, allowing the cut grass and weeds to act as a mulch. Eventually this material will act as a compost source for the raspberry canes. In addition I will be mixing in some sawdust and woodchips when they are available. The main objective for this piece of land is to promote the wild raspberries without disturbing the natural order of things. I am trying to keep as much of the existing plants and trees as possible. Anything that interferes with the raspberry leaves (thus depriving them of sunlight) will be removed. The stakes are there to hold up tall canes and allow them to stay clear of the ground cover.



 Here you can see the grass and other native plants beginning to pop up in the patch.



 This area has been staked and the de-grassing has begun.




And finally you can see the raspberry canes coming up through the grass.

So, that’s all for now. I will continue to update with pictures as I work my way through the tangled wild mess. There are a few different varieties mixed in there, so it will be an interesting harvest. I also have some very healthy blackberry canes developing, so I’ll get some pictures of that next time (for the blackberry fans).

– King

Spring Juice

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Spring has sprung! To celebrate I made a couple of simple juices. One is grapefruit and orange, the other is carrot and beet.

Beware, gardening posts are soon to flood the blog! For now, enjoy some juice!


Raw Rice Milk *recipe*

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raw rice milk_king_saint

Here is a quick and simple recipe for the non-dairy crowd. In Canada you can expect to pay roughly $2-3 a Litre for rice milk at the store, this recipe will cut that cost in half (if not more). Plus you have the added satisfaction of making something yourself, AND you know exactly what’s in it! SUCCESS!…. Wait… lets make it first.

First lets get a few things out of the way:

“Yeah it sounds cool but I probably need some fancy tools” INCORRECT

You will need:

5-600g     Brown Rice
1                Cinnamon stick (or 2 tbsp of powder)
2Tsp         Vanilla extract* (or Honey, or Brown sugar)
2L              Water


Piece of cheesecloth


Soak all that lovely rice in some water overnight.


Step 2

After breakfast you can now rinse your rice! What fun!


Step 3

Add half of the rice to the blender, then add 1L of water. Wait don’t blend it yet! Add your cinnamon and vanilla extract (or whatever you like). Ok now blend it for 1 minute while you admire my artistic shot of cinnamon:



Step 4

Ok almost done. We just need to drain that through some cheesecloth and put it in the fridge. *Repeat step 3 for the other half of the rice.


Step 5

Enjoy! It really is that simple 🙂

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