Go Do It vs Just Do It

March 25, 2016 § Leave a comment

King, of King and Saint, remarked to me the irony of the last sentence of his last post and the title of my which follows right below. “Go Do It!” followed by “The temptations of Just Do It” After going back re-read his article I found there to be less irony than if first apparent, furthermore, I think there the agree with and compliment each other in quite a wonderful way.

The thrust of King’s article is that with inspiration we might find ourselves encouraged to go do what it is that we feel inspired to do. This message is followed by a story of somewhat of a dry spell in creative inspiration. So, King opted not to do overtly creative things. Had he done so he would have just been doing them for the sake of doing them. This is precisely what my sermon warned against. Just doing things for the sake of doing them might lead one to an autopilot kind of life. Lord help us if we switch on to autopilot and miss all the beautiful things of creation that surround us because we were just doing something.

Go do it is a beautiful compliment to don’t just do it because it pushes back again the risk of not doing something because you end up thinking and thinking about it over and over. Life is in movement over the waters.

Surely it is not either or. It is, as is everything, always a balancing act. Nothing will ever be just doing or just go doing. It will always be a mix of just and go… and so it should be.

Do something or don’t,

God Bless,





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