Creative Accessibility

February 18, 2016 § Leave a comment

Last week I had a dream. This dream did not involve anything far fetched, it was not located anywhere particularly special, and it did not strike me as important… until I woke up. It was actually about 1 minute after I woke up that I realized this may be the most important dream that I’ve ever had. It went a little something like this…

Part 1 – I find myself wandering the streets in some mossy cobblestone European town. I find myself approaching a bus stop and I think about jumping on a bus to head home. As I arrive at the bus stop my feet keep moving and I continue on down this mossy cobblestone street. For some reason I stop in front of a 3 storey building which looks to be hundreds of years old. This building is constructed from large grey stones and has a staircase much like an old castle that leads you to the top. Upon reaching the top there is an old black iron gate which swings open revealing an outdoor gallery or sculpture garden of some kind. This is where it gets interesting.

Part 2 – As I look around I see what I believe to be Tiffany lamps and very intricately sculpted art nouveau metalwork wrapping around blown glass sculptures. No signatures, no signs, no idea who this unknown artist is. I think to myself “wow this stuff must be priceless and it’s all just sitting up here exposed to the elements!” This is when I woke up, and this is when it became even more interesting.

Part 3 – My alarm is ringing. Its 6:50am. Time to get ready for work. I get up and head to the bathroom. I take a sip of water and then EVERYTHING changed. This was the moment that I realized I had never seen any of those sculptures in real life before. I’ve seen Tiffany stained glass windows in person, but never lamps, and certainly not as intricate and large as the ones I had just experienced in my dream. I’ve never seen metalwork like that, and I’ve definitely never seen metalwork like that wrapped around large pieces of blown glass. I’VE NEVER SEEN IT! I’VE NEVER SEEN IT! I MADE IT UP!

Part 4  (The important conclusion and making sense part) – These magnificent and beautiful works of art were all created by my brain in a matter of minutes while I was sleeping. They were all meticulously detailed and finished to a degree of what seemed like museum quality priceless works of art. So why haven’t I made something like this in real life. What is stopping me from accessing this information. I am apparently capable of visualizing this kind of work, the only thing I have to do is take it from up here (points to brain area) and put it out here (points to empty desk). This realization really shook me up. It really really shook me up. To create something like what I visualized in my dream I need a set of skills. I can get those skills locally through a variety of specialized classes. The dream can be a reality.

I think this can apply to anything, and it’s very cliche and lame but here’s a Walt Disney quote for you to puke on:

“If you can dream it, you can do it” -Walt Disney



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