On the Goat Farm

July 26, 2014 § Leave a comment

Buon Giorno Tutti!

We are now one week on the goat farm and it is so wonderful. There is no internet here and it is also quite wonderful. Other than the fact that we cant really connect with anyone not having internet on this leg of the trip is really nice.


Yesterday we took the goats out into the woods for two hours. The cheese here is so good, and the last few days i have figured out why. They take the goats out everyday if they can to the woods where they can eat what they want. Ivy, chestnuts, hazelnuts, holly leaves, it is a true feast out there for them. The care and love taken with these goats is incredible. The quality of the cheese reflects it.


It is breakfast time and MArco just came in to to shorten the leg of the baby goat becase it was too long to fit in oven. It is a wholeistic place here.


Last night we spent the evenning with our family from Viliano, Carla-Emelia, GianCarlo, Chaira, and Guila. Family is so wonderful! Next time we come we will stay with them no doubt.


I must be quick as the we are almost ready for breakfast.. internet quit.. now its lunch time




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