Prelude: A frenzied pause in Toronto

June 30, 2014 § 1 Comment

Four days ago Rachel and I landed in Toronto trusting that the addresses that we were heading to actually existed. As chance would have it, they did. Rachel found the church for her first of four interviews. I found the condo where we were going to laying out heads and having the most wonderful conversations.

The interviews for Rachel went wonderfully! We feel like the Spirit has lead us to exactly where He wanted us to be. The church that Rachel will be working for and more so, the community we will be being a part of is in Parkdale… a strangely Californian feeling part of town. The pace is noticeably slower, and seeing that we are from Winnipeg, that will be a much appreciated piece of the puzzle of life we will be putting together for our time here.

There is much to be said about this place, it is connected to a new monastic community called the Jerimiah Group. The community that makes up the bulk of the congregation is from the East Indies. I know that there is a difference between them and Jamaicans, but the idea of being around Caribbeans at church makes me quite happy.

We have already found a few new friends that will be waiting for us when we return… so all in all, things are going well.

Also, we went to ZAZA Espresso Bar today downtown. it’s owned and run by two Sicilians who are fairly excitable to say the least. We over heard a conversation where a customer asked one of the owners how to say woman in Italian. His answer: “Bella Donna” or beautiful woman. They are quite the characters working there. The espresso was just like at Deluca’s in Winnipeg really really good!

Well, that’s that, on to the plane this evening for Dublin.

With Love



§ One Response to Prelude: A frenzied pause in Toronto

  • Bram says:

    Parkdale is a delightfully unpretentious and earthy part of the city; what a great place to end up.

    Travel well…


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