Before you read this get a cup of tea

January 22, 2014 § Leave a comment

I just took a little scroll through some our recent posts and noticed that King and Saint looks a bit like a food blog. Well surprise! It is… and it’s not. Welcome to a truncated version of the lives of King and Saint. I’m sure it’s not that different from anyone else’s which may be why it is interesting or why it’s not.

The waxing and waning of obsessions pass by and by. It seems like the later in life we go the longer the process takes to fully wax and then fully wane though them. This is not a surprise though, as we get older (read 27) we have been able to sort through the bits that we think might be interesting and are getting better at spotting the other bits that we know will indeed not interest us before we delve to deep into its depths.

Now of course, food, Tiger, is something we are all at least a little bit interested, at least interested enough in it to, hopefully if we have some control over whether we are able to, consume enough of it to not die. If one is not in such a fortunate position, I can guess that that persons interest in food is probably far greater than my own. This is not a post urging us to feed the poor, though I think that is something we should actively do in one way or another, nor is it a post about food. It really comes down to being a post about being able to post about things. Anything we want. When ever we want. And now I’ll go ahead and say, this is not a post about capitalism nor the problems with the world. I do think capitalism is broken, though I would like to be wealthy one day. And I do think the problems of the world are serious and are not to be taken lightly.

No, rather this is a post about Joy. Though it seems to have been framed, preluded, preceded, and followed up by a message of sadness and problems, its probably necessary that it be kept in tension with that side of things.

I do find it rather strange that people actually read this blog. But I’m very happy that people do. You’ll find that it contains nothing revolutionary. As much as I’d like to think Justin Timberlake and Koan Sound are, we can’t really know for a few hundred years. You will find an ebb and a flow and a wax and a wane, a tide moving in and out, moments of franticness and an occasional lull. Some things you’ll read will be rather helpful (rice milk) and things you’ll read that were probably a complete waste of time (this). The pendulum must swing.

So where is the Joy? It is right here, right now, in spite of all, but also informed by it. It will be here when the next tragedy stares us in the face and also when when the comedy rouses us to giggle.

Enjoy your tea and don’t think about what you’ve just read. Just be happy that you did, or, be mad that I wasted your time with such rubbish, but then if you’re enjoying your tea what does it matter.


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