Time for a loose cuppa? *saint’s blend*

November 20, 2013 § 3 Comments

I’m going to take this quiet moment to bring a tea blend I’ve recently found and enjoyed to our loyal reader base… King, I hope you’re reading this, because I think this is just for you; other wise I just lied about having a loyal reader base. But, in that case, maybe no one will have read it. In which case I’d just be lying to myself. We all know what happens when you lie.

Let’s, assuming there is at least two of us, carry on with the loose cuppa. The blend I have been enjoying for the last few mornings is quite simple. Fill half of one side of the tea ball with Earl Grey, and the rest of that same half with Black Chai. Granted they are both flavoured black teas so it’s not to much of a stretch, a distance, an exploration, or a challenge to your delicately tuned  sensors which reside on your tongue until you sip a too hot cuppa and burn them off like the savage monster you are, but it’s not really meant to be.

I think I enjoy it because it s some how reminiscent of the ever beloved Cascade hop. Now this isn’t to much of a stretch either, because Earl Grey is a black tea flavoured with orange oil, and chai tea; cinnamon, star anise, fennel, ginger, cardamom, cloves, black and white peppercorns all kept in place by the omnipresent fermented black tea leaves. Now, Cascade hops have wonderfully strong characteristics of grapefruit and, for a lack of a better term, hoppy flavours. So it reasons to say that when orange oil, which comes from the orange, of course, of course, which is distantly related to the grapefruit, comes into a life surrounded many foreign flavours, it might change a little.

As Oz Clarke in,  Oz and James Drink to Britain, has taught us you can best taste a beer you drink “On the burp” As crude as it seems, it’s very much the truth. With this blend of tea, when tasted, on the burp, it actually tastes like I have been drinking an IPA that has been very well hopped with Cascades. Weird Weird Weird but so so wonderful. So wonderful in fact I am going to have another right now.

Here’s a clip of Oz and James Drink to Britain

I did say “a clip” not “the clip”



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§ 3 Responses to Time for a loose cuppa? *saint’s blend*

  • nigeledward says:

    bravo! a robotic turtle is also reading…


  • Richard says:

    To clarify your information oh saintly one, earl grey is flavoured with “Bergamont orange” oil, unless your sipping the girly “Lady earl grey” which utilises seville orange oil (or lavender)
    Too much of the hops maybe?


    • andrewcolman says:

      It would seem that you are correct. I had a saintly priest from England over on sunday who gets Yorkshire Tea shipped in from her parents. As soon as she smelled it she asked if it had lavender in it. My apologies for the confusion.


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