The Throne of Repeat One

November 18, 2013 § Leave a comment

If there is anything I shouldn’t be doing right now it is not writing for this blog.  I have 3 weeks to research and write a paper on the portion on the Apostles creed that says “Come to Judge” and what N.T. Wright has to say about it. Well, some things are just more important: this is one of these things.

I learned of one of the baddest cats in the music world around a year ago from a friend of mine introducing me to this track called Funk Blaster and this artist has absorbed a very significant amount of my music listening time since. As of about 2 months he was moved from the repeat one throne on my computer by the incomparably amazing Justin Timberlake with 20/20 experience. But now…


Unlisted Sightings

Well his brilliant mixing of tracks and mixtaping is anyways…

Now, J.T. will not be to far from the playlist at any point but the repeat one spot has been taken back by this mix tape you can hear here on sound cloud.

What is so good about it? I dunno… His sense of creativity appeals to me in a funny way. Everything is in itself musically integral and funky as i dunno what; his transitions are perfect but they drag you in a direction you could never expect but once you’re there you couldn’t imagine any other way. Each track is he chooses is far strong enough to stand on its own but when framed by the intro’s and outro’s for each one they take on a different life and lend themselves to sum being greater than its parts.

All of this sounds a bit like snobbery, but when you listen to this track you’ll know that it’s not snobbery, just shear adoration because you’ll know exactly what I am talking about!

I’ll write on him further in the future, but until then just enthrone this mix tape into you repeat one spot and let it do what its suppose to do. Repeat one and create a nonstop endorphin rush while it’s doing so.


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