Time for a loose Cuppa?

September 7, 2013 § 1 Comment

The smell of Earl Grey tea invokes some special memories for me. It reminds me of my childhood, many awkward first dates, and countless hours hunched over my sketchbook in art school. That wonderful Bergamot smell keeps me calm and focused for hour after hour. I have other leafy loves, I must admit. I am partial to the occasional cup of Peppermint, or the fancy Moroccan Mint leaves which overflow mason jars on my kitchen counter. Still, nothing *for me* can compare to the smell and taste of loose leaf Earl Grey tea.

Here is a snap of my current stock, with the addition of some dried safflower from my parents garden:



The safflower is purely for aesthetic reasons.

A note before we continue: If you have not yet experienced tea in its loose form I highly recommend doing so. A bagged tea is imprisoned and depressed. A loose tea is excited to greet you in the morning and go for a hot dip. Trust me.

A brief History

Named after Lord Charles Grey II  (English prime minister 1830-1834), Earl Grey tea has become one of the most popular flavours of tea worldwide.  The recipe for Earl Grey combines black tea leaves with oils found in the Italian citrus fruit Bergamot. The original recipe is thought to have come from China but there is some debate over this.

A patriotic drink for the brits:

Out n about–  I recently asked for Earl Grey at a local Cafe (Hydrostone Cafe- located in Halifax’s northish end). I was greeted with a “hmm I’ll have to see if we have that one”. This is a sure sign that a Cafe is not in tune with herbal culture. Sure enough it arrived in an odd shaped mug, bag dangling from one side. It was a low grade bag my friends. A very low grade bag. This experience has reinforced my belief that everyone should expand or start their own personal collection of loose leaf herbals. Treat yourself to a good ol’ scoop from your local Bulk Barn (I am in no way affiliated with Bulk Barn or Loblaws). You’ll be glad you did.





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